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10 Adorable DIY Pillow Ideas

In search of adorable DIY pillow ideas? If you want to test your pillow making skills, here are 10 pillow ideas that will make your bed and couch look marvelous!

Learning how to make DIY pillows is one of those perfect kind of crafts that everyone should master. DIY craft projects are so much fun especially when you’re improving your home. Make decorative pillows or even throw pillow covers with this list of adorable DIY pillow ideas!

Everybody would love to have something unique and cozy in their home, something that will make it a sweet looking place that will make the whole family happy. Cute-looking pillows would make a great accent on your beds and couch! They can also be given as an awesome gift! So why not make a couple? Here are 10 adorable DIY pillow ideas you and your kids will surely love!

DIY Throw Pillow Covers

Before we go to the cute decorative pillows, it’s always best to know how to make the basic throw pillow covers.

DIY Penguin Pillows

Adorable and oh-so-cute! Who doesn’t love penguins. This will be a great throw pillow you can add to your room or your little girl’s!

No Sew Bow Pillow Covers

No sewing necessary. This do it yourself pillow cover looks so dainty and cuddly.

DIY Decorative Felt Flower Pillow

Want to add some flower to your home that will stay fresh for a long time? Make this adorable felt flower pillow.

Minute Pillow Cover

Got ten minutes, then you can make this easy DIY pillow cover. You no longer have to spend hours making one.

Cute Puppy Pillow

Cuddling up is so much fun especially if it’s this cute puppy dog with floppy ears you’re hugging!

Anthro Rosette Pillow Knock-off

Who says you always have to have the real thing. Sometimes a little DIY is all you need and you can save a lot of money.

Stencil Pillows

Make decorative pillows with using stencils. Customize it in any form you want. I wouldn’t mind putting my favorite quote on a DIY pillow.

Little Madam Cushion

An easy peasy sewing project that you can make in a beat.This is DIY is perfect for that. It couldn’t be much simpler to make and yet has buckets of impact. Those kinds of projects are always the best if you ask me!

DIY Cactus Pillow

Here’s a cactus that I promise won’t prick you. This decorative pillow is a bit ironic form the counter part it has in real life.

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