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10 DIYs for Small Spaces

Small spaces shouldn’t hold you back from DIYing your home. These projects are fully functional and occupy only a fraction of your floor space.

Back when I was fresh out of university, I lived in a small apartment and learned more about living independently. I loved having my own space. The only downside was how the size of the apartment made the studio feel so cramped. Luckily, I made things work with a few space-saving DIYs.

1. Over The Sink Shelf

An over the sink shelf gives you more storage space to place your dishwashing needs. Did I mention scrap pallet wood boards can be used to make this? What a great upcycling idea, right?!

2. Shelf Above Door

One way to add storage in a small bathroom is by adding a shelf above the door. According to Dave, it’s important to place a support board on the wall. This support block will serve as the piece your shelf can rest on.

3. Folding Desk

It’s important to measure the area where you’ll place your DIY folding desk. So sit on a chair and see if the height you’ve marked is good enough before placing any of the wooden boards in.

4. Storage Bench

Store your clutter and keep them away from sight with this nifty storage bench. To support your bench’s top shelf, all you have to do is place a piece of wood below the halfway line.

5. Mason Jar Storage Shelf

Reuse your old mason jars or glass jars to make a storage shelf. You can use them to hold anything from nuts and bolts to kitchen spices.

6. Foldable Drying Rack

I love this foldable drying rack because it occupies no floor space whatsoever and can easily be tucked away for a bigger looking room. Make the drying rack sturdier by placing little wood triangles on the corners.

7. Cup Organizers

Organize your makeup with these copper cup organizers. Before you drill holes into the wooden block, be sure to mark the edges of your cups. Doing so will give the cups a tight fit and prevent them from falling.

8. Mirrors On Walls

Make a room look bigger in an instant by placing mirrors on the walls. On a budget? Don’t worry, the mirrors used in this tutorial were bought from the Dollar Store, which makes this an absolute bargain!

9.Storage Ottoman

A storage ottoman is one way to declutter a living room. This tutorial shows you how to customize your ottoman to make it match your home. Just a heads up, you’re going to need your stapler and a lot of staples for this DIY.

10.Corner Shelf

Take advantage of a corner by installing a shelf for extra storage. The best part is, this tutorial won’t even require you to do any further woodwork. It simply uses a magazine holder.

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