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8 Simple DIY Crafts For Kids

Summer is kids’ most loved season of the year and spending time with them is always fun and memorable. But, it can be a bit tricky searching for activities to keep them occupied during these wonderful months. So, I’ve prepared the list below for simple DIY crafts for kids and I hope you and your children will find absolute joy in doing them. Have fun!

1. DIY No Sew Tiny House Necklace

Entertain your kids with this adorable house necklace that can hold their crayons, so they are always ready to create. You’ll be surprised how quickly you and your kid can finish this tiny house necklace. I’m sure your kiddo will be happily smiling once you hand over the finished product.

2.DIY Robot Mask

This robot mask will become the best project to keep the kids busy on slow days. Your budding scientist is sure to have a fun time crafting and long hours of pretend play with this simple craft.

3.Water Bottle Piggy Bank

Turn ordinary water bottle into a cute piggy bank. This amazing craft will have your kid practice their creativity while learning two great lessons in life: recycling and saving.

4.DIY Butterfly Magnets

Aren’t they cute?! Boys and girls will adore this fun and colorful craft. Make these fluttering butterflies and use it as a fancy decor for kids room, or you can put it all on your fridge.

5. Kids Rainbow Wind Chimes

Forget about the common wind chimes from the store and let your little artists create these adorable rainbow wind chimes for you. I’m sure you’ll be proud to hang their creations anywhere at home and catch the undeniable attention from visitors.

6.Painted Nature Collage

A memorable, beautiful piece of artwork you can enjoy making with your young ones, utilizing anything you find in nature. From twigs to shells, put it all into a frame commemorating summer family fun.

7.Frog Baseball Hat

The summer league is on! This cute frog baseball hat will shield your kids’ faces from the sun while commanding attention and compliments from the crowd.

8.Sun Melted Crayon Art

Summer’s heat plays a great role in making this craft. Affordable and very doable for children. Use every color in the box to create an amazing piece of art.

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