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How to Make Frozen Serving Bowls

Ice bowls with flowers, berries or herbs frozen into their sides will keep your ice cream or sorbet nicely chilled on a hot summer day. You can play with colour pairings-a lavender and blackberry dish would be a great match for plum sorbet. Or work with contrasts-white strawberry flowers in …

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These Lemon-Almond Scones Pack a Flavor Punch

If you typically think of scones as crumbly, dry and dense, these lemon-almond cream scones will change your mind. It’s the heavy cream that gives these scones their soft texture, and it’s high-quality extracts that make the scones incredibly flavorful. The scones themselves are flavored with organic almond extract, while …

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8 Ways You’re Cooking Pasta Wrong

These expert tips will not only help you turn out perfect pasta dishes every time, they’ll also answer that age old question: Should you throw a strand of pasta up against the wall to see if it’s done? Pasta may just be the ultimate comfort food, except when it comes time …

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4 Tips to Making the Perfect French Toast

Don’t settle for limp and soggy French toast when you could be devouring thick, flavorful slices that are crispy on the outside and sumptuously soft on the inside, instead. Marc Murphy, a judge on Food Network’s Chopped and executive chef and owner of several New York City restaurants, told us his secrets behind (as he …

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