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Elegant DIY Tiered Cake Stand Ideas for the Holidays

A tiered cake stand is an easy way to jazz up hors d’oeuvres, desserts, and even a delicious brunch spread when hosting a shindig. And since the holidays are upon us, there have been plenty of DIY tiered cake stand ideas, and to give you some much-needed inspiration to take your entertaining to the next level, here are 7 gorgeous DIY tiered cake stands!

1. Triple Tier Woodland Cake Stand

Do you have a bunch of wood slices and looking for ways on how to use them? You’ve just found an amazing project! This triple tier woodland cake stand is elegantly rustic, perfect for serving up cupcakes at an outdoorsy party.

2. Pretty In Pink DIY Tiered Cake Stand

Can you believe this lovely pink piece was made out of some plastic items from the dollar store? Well, you better check it out! It doesn’t get simpler and more inexpensive than this pretty in pink DIY tiered cake stand.

3. Cardboard Tiered Cake Stand

If you want a bit of a modern touch and still an easy craft, look no further! Made with some cardboard, once you are done you will have an eclectic and funky cake stand.

4. Retro Dotted Tiered Cupcake Stand

Styrofoam rings, scrapbook paper, and a few easy-to-find supplies were called into service to make this retro and fun masterpiece! I’m guessing you may even have the middle part hiding somewhere in your cupboard.

5. Simple Mirrored Cake Stands

Candleholders and a few dollar store mirrors can transform into a glamorous piece with just the right kind of glue. Have you found that right inspiration?

6. Mismatched Crockery Cake Stand

The beauty of upcycling at its best! Your old crockery will have a new lease on life with this mesmerizing mismatched crockery cake stand. It’s the perfect stand for finger foods or sweet treats during parties, and sandwiches for a traditional afternoon tea.

7. The Mad Hatter Tea or Cake Stand

Want the Alice in Wonderland vibe? This hatter tea or cake stand is the perfect DIY to get you there! This will definitely give you a whimsical centerpiece well-known to vintage china lovers.

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