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An acting classes business provides group or one-on-one classes in acting for adults or children. As the owner of an acting classes business, you’ll provide training, coaching and support to those who are considering getting into the acting business or those already in the business who would like to improve their chances of landing a role. Most business owners in this field will want to find a niche. For instance, you might work with children, or with a career-oriented adult audience interested in stage acting, film, commercials, voice-over work or other areas of specialization.

Plan your Business

A clear plan is essential for success as an entrepreneur. It will help you map out the specifics of your business and discover some unknowns. A few important topics to consider are:

What are the startup and ongoing costs?
Who is your target market?
How long it will take you to break even?
What will you name your business?

What are the costs involved in opening an acting classes business?

Work space Zero to $10,000 or more per year. This range is so wide because you might be able to start your business in your own home, with one or two clients, if your zoning laws allow. However, as your business grows, you’ll need more space. Also, depending on your type of acting business, you might require a stage or room for camera and lighting. Ask around if you can rent a stage for a few hours a week from a community theater, school, church group or similar source. You might also decide to rent a storefront, which can cost anywhere from $250 a month or much more, depending on location.

Promotional material  $500 or less. Platforms like your website and social media can be very inexpensive or free. Make sure you have video clips of your own acting or directing performances or videos of those you’ve coached in the past. These clips can run on your website or YouTube for little to nothing.

What are the ongoing expenses for an acting classes business?

Your largest ongoing costs will be for your space and for employees, if any. You could also make investments in the services of ad agencies or public relations firms to continue to attract students.

Who is the target market?

Your clientele will vary, depending on the niche you’re filling. One end of the clientele spectrum could be parents parents who would like to get their child involved in a fun, after-school activity. Often times, parents enroll their children in acting classes in an attempt to get their child involved in an activity that will help with boosting the child’s courage and self-confidence. Sitting at the other end of your clientele spectrum may be more passionate students who are looking to enter the world of career acting or those who have already ventured into the professional acting scene.

How does an acting classes business make money?

You revenue will mainly come from the fees that you charge your clients. You may charge your clients for individual sessions, or you can have them sign up and pay for a set number of classes, each of which build upon the skills they learned in the previous class.

How can you make your business more profitable?

Listen to your students and the questions they raise and obstacles they meet in advancing their acting careers. Their queries might suggest additional classes. You can also using your talents to offer workshops to teach presentation or speaking skills to business professionals. You may also consider branching into the talent agency business or representing movie extras or other niche groups within the industry.

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