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Nile Rodgers’ Cinematic New Album

Chic’s Nile Rodgers’ star-studded double album is like a movie soundtrack. The 65-year-old disco legend had so much to write about that he’s decided to release it in two parts, but fans will have to listen to both sides to get the full picture.

He told the Daily Star newspaper: “I look at albums as films and this album to me feels like a movie in two parts.

“The wacky comparison I make is it’s like the film  where they had parts one and two; they stand out on their own but you don’t get the full story until you see the second one where she’s gotta Be.

“There’s a lot of wonderful people on there and I have a lot to say but it’s a lot to consume and not fair to the listener.”

The ‘Le Freak’ hitmaker has been working at the iconic Abbey Road Studios – studios – where The Beatles and Pink Floyd recorded – with the likes of Craig David, Bruno Mars and JP Cooper, and revealed that some of the tracks he’s worked on could end up on the individual artists’ records as well as the new Chic LP.

It’s so happening and it’s happening soon, within the next few months. What happened originally is that I released a single in 2015, and obviously when you release the first single it’s designed to start the momentum of the album.

Speaking about working with rising British star Jorja Smith, Nile in an interview: “When I finished with Jorja, we got along so great that the very next day, I got a text saying, ‘Can you please send over some of that cool, jazzy guitar stuff you were playing so I can make some more songs out of that?’

More recently he’s been at London’s famous Abbey Road Studios with next generation celebs including Jorja Smith, Zak Abel, JP Cooper and Anderson Paak.

“So what’s great about this is a lot of the artists I’m working with are going to be on the Chic album – but a lot of stuff is going to be for their albums, too.”

The ‘Get Lucky’ star will be spending much of his time at Abbey Road after being appointed the studio’s chief creative advisor, which is a dream come true.

He said: “People think of Abbey Road as a classic old-school studio, but they’re spending a huge amount of calories, if you will, on new technologies.

“I want to be where that new stuff is happening – because I’m an audio fanatic and I want my new stuff to sound amazing.”

The music legend’s role will see him work with the hottest new talent and pop megastars.

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